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Whisky Direct is a direct importer of Japanese & Rare Whisky.

Chichibu Ichiro's Malt 2013 Port Pipe (700ml / 54.5%)

Japanese Whisky

Chichibu Ichiro's Malt 2013 Port Pipe (700ml / 54.5%)

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Chichibu Ichiro's Malt 2013 Port Pipe (700ml / 54.5%)


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Review and Tasting Notes (

Young and small, Chichibu distillery produces mature whiskies despite of their young age. Port Pipe is no exception to the rule, and it's very intriguing with its pink color!

Ichiro Akuto, grand-son of the Hanyu distillery founder (closed in 2000), decided in 2007 to build a new whisky distillery in Chichibu city, 100 kilometers northwest of Tokyo. The knowledge passed on from Ichiro’s grandfather allows him to produce surprisingly complex whiskies despite their lack of maturity.

Officially presented on 25 March, Chichibu Port Pipe 2013 is sold under the brand Ichiro's malt, and only 4,200 bottles were released, all bottled cask strength (54.5% ABV)

Now you're wondering why Port Pipe ? And why this pinky colour ?

The answer is quite simple, the port pipe is a European oak cask with a capacity of 650 liters, which is one of the biggest barrels used in the whisky industry, and it served for the maturation of Port wine. Ichiro Akuto bought some for the maturation of this whisky. Distilled in 2009, the Port Pipe was at first put 3 years in quarter casks (oak casks with a capacity of 50 liters), then was put into port pipes for a further maturation (one year) before being bottled in 2013. The rest of the production continued its maturation in quarter casks, and was bottled at the same time under the name of Chibidaru.

Color: Very surprising but the Chichibu Port Pipe is almost pink ! Its colour is like french pink wine.

Nose: The first aromas to emerge are fruity with a bit of strawberry, cherry and woody hints of honey and grain. A very nice and very "sweet" bouquet of aromas.

Palate: With a dash of water, flavors can be expressed more clearly and it's still fruity but more like citrus or grapefruit. It's highly developed in flavors despite its 4 years old, almost as complex as a more mature whisky with notes of orange bitter and English fruit cake at the end.

Finish: Long finish with citrus and grapefruit disappearing gently to let the woods and honey coming back.

Overall: So young and yet so amazing ! In the Chichibu Port Pipe you can feel all the Ichiro Akuto's love and passion for whisky. Unfortunately it's very rare and limited to the domestic market, if you get a chance to find one, take it eyes closed!

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