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Whisky Direct is a direct importer of Japanese & Rare Whisky.

Mars "The Revival" Komagatake 2011 (700ml / 58%)

Japanese Whisky

Mars "The Revival" Komagatake 2011 (700ml / 58%)

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Mars "The Revival" Komagatake 2011 (700ml / 58%)



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700ml / 58% ABV

Hombo Shuzo Ltd is an old Japanese spirits company, established in 1872. They were traditionally a “shochu” producer, but in 1985 they built the Shinshu Mars Distillery in Miyata village, to start producing whisky and brandy. The whisky was sold under the brand Mars Whisky. Unfortunately demand was not big enough, and they stopped whisky production back in 1992.

Then, in February of 2011, whisky production was restarted at the Shinshu Mars Distillery. On August 6 2014, Hombo Shuzo finally launched the first whisky produced since the restart, the Mars "The Revival" 2011 Komagatake.

This is a three year old whisky, exclusively matured in bourbon casks. The Revival is slightly peated, at 8 ppm phenol level. Only 6000 bottles were released.

Tasting Notes (

Nose: Vanilla, mild caramel, some oak and spices. It is a pleasant nose, quite fresh. With water it was sweeter, and less spicy. I found fruits now, as well as licorice and marshmallows. A whiff of smoke can be detected, if you look really hard.

Taste: Spicy (black and white pepper), with rich and sweet caramel. The mouthfeel is a bit chewy. With water it becomes more fruity, just as on the nose. Heavier on the sweetness now, with added licorice.

Finish: Spicy and sweet. The smoke makes a brief appearance towards the end, but I would not really characterize this as a peated whisky.

Balance: A very fine comeback for Mars whisky!  It is fresh and actually quite mature for its age.

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