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Whisky Direct is a direct importer of Japanese & Rare Whisky.

Nikka Coffey Grain (700ml / 45%)

Japanese Whisky

Nikka Coffey Grain (700ml / 45%)

Nikka Coffey Grain (700ml / 45%)
Nikka Coffey Grain (700ml / 45%)
Nikka Coffey Grain (700ml / 45%)
Nikka Coffey Grain (700ml / 45%)

Nikka Coffey Grain (700ml / 45%)


700ml / 45% ABV (no box included)

Usually used for blended whiskies, grain whiskies are rarely bottled as such. A few years ago Nikka decided to produce a non-aged single grain mainly composed of corn and distilled with two "Coffey stills".

Invented in 1830 by a former Inspector General of Customs of Ireland, Aeneas Coffey, the "Coffey stills" are two-columns stills known as "patent still" or "continuous still" which can produce whisky faster in a more economical way. Today they are mainly used for the distillation of grain whiskies.

Tasting Notes (

Nose: Syrupy corn aromas, typical of bourbons, with a background of melon, honey vanilla with a hint of toasted coconut.

Palate: The mouthfeel is soft, a little dry. Great blend of vanilla, tropical fruits and coconut – the grain toughens up the taste in a good way but keeping it from being too sweet. With water, the coconut comes more to the fore and cuts a little of the bite from the grain

Finish: A strong finish, albeit slightly short.  Absolutely mesmerizing in a whisky soda, where the flavors open up to offer grapefruit, mint, and caramel.

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