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Timboon Christie's Cut (500ml / 60%)

World Whisk(e)y

Timboon Christie's Cut (500ml / 60%)

Timboon Christie's Cut (500ml / 60%)
Timboon Christie's Cut (500ml / 60%)

Timboon Christie's Cut (500ml / 60%)


Christie's Cut is Timboon Distillery's second permanent line of whisky. It has been aged in 45 litre ex-Port casks and has been placed into the casks undiluted. It has been named after Inspector John Christie who at the turn of the 19th century tracked and captured Tom Delaney who was an illict distiller in the Timboon area.

This malt is big and bold with deep character and notes of burnt raisins, silk, smoke and spice. The finish is long and full flavoured and has been aged for 5 years.


Lemony and grassy with a clear lager note. On the spirit-y side naturally due to the high ABV and relatively young age. Brushed with a fine vanilla paste, the orchid fruits start to appear with the waxy fruit peels.

Palate & Finish:

An explosion of bubble-gum-led favours on the palate, thick cream, popcorn and apple juice box. After the alcohol burn there is the butterscotch note that follows through nicely with can pineapples and a hint of crushed mint.

A rather swift drop off but for the creamy and robust barley note that is quite lasting.


For an Australian whisky, this certainly falls on the lighter spectrum, but don’t be deceived by the flavour profile, this dram is intense. It could do away with the burn and could use a longer tail though.

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